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Black History Month : Celebrating Black History @ PLU

The PLU University Archives collects & preserves the records & documents of the University, providing a primary source glimpse at PLU's history. Many of the documents and images on this guide have been pulled from Archives.

Newspaper Articles

Archival Documents



Nov. 20, 1970 memo from PLU president Wiegman to all members of the faculty and staff re the appointment of Larry Griggs to the newly created post of Coordinator for Minority Students.






1973-1974 annual report on Minority Affairs by Harold Gamble, PLU Director for Minority Affairs (includes statistical information).




Recruitment efforts in the 1973 & 1974 included this brochure highlighting programs for minority students.






Between 1964-1973 the number of African American students on the PLU campus grew from about 11 to 139.  During this time the Office of Minority Affairs (a predecessor of the Diversity Center) was founded and efforts to recruit minority students increased.

This guide explores those years on the campus of Pacific Lutheran University through a collection of archival documents, images and oral histories.

Faces of PLU's Black History

The images below highlight individuals mentioned in the archival documents or during the oral histories.  Images are courtesy of the University Archives.

Oral Histories

Lister & GriggsDr. Lawrence Griggs & Mr. Tony Lister are alumni and former employees of Pacific Lutheran University.  Dr. Griggs served as the first Coordinator for Minority Students from 1970-72.

Mr. Lister, PLU's quarterback for the 1965 & 1966 seasons, returned to the University to work in the Office of Admissions after graduation. 

Here they share experiences from their lives including how they experienced the PLU campus as an African American student in the mid-late 1960s & early 1970s. 

The interviews were conducted by PLU librarian Amy Stewart-Mailhiot. Full versions and transcripts of the interview are available in the University Archives.

Dates of interviews: Griggs (12/30/11), Lister (1/24/11)